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Love Yours Truly Tareka

Bare Complexion Bar

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Cleanse and exfoliate with our Bare Complexion Bar with a natural sea sponge embedded in its core. The Bare Complexion Bar is the ultimate stable in any skincare routine as a 2 in 1 exfoliant and cleanser! Handmade with natural products each bar is unique! Clearing blemishes, balancing oiliness, evening skin tone, smoothing the skins texture, nourishing and hydrating your face to assist in creating the ultimate natural glow! It is a must have in your daily skincare routine! Leaving your face refreshed and rejuvenated! Made specifically for sensitive skin!

Size: 3oz

Usage: Twice a day for best results





Bare Complexion Bar:  Natural Sea Sponge, Love Notes Complexion Blend, Goats Milk, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, Licorice root extract